Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Bad, the Good and the Incredible

The Bad:  I got a speeding ticket this morning on the way to a doctor's appointment to rule out a UTI as a cause of Natalie's peeing problem.  I consciously used getting pulled over by the cop as an object lesson to show that Mom and Dad take responsibility for their actions and don't have a fit over the consequences for our actions.  But this doesn't mean I got pulled over on purpose!

Lukas:  Was that on purpose or on accident?
Me:  It was on accident, but I still have to accept the consequences.
Lukas:  What does a ticket mean?
Me:  It means I have to pay a lot of money.
Lukas: Do you have that much money?
Me:  (Not wanting him to think that it was a small amount of money)  I don't know how much the ticket will be.
Lukas:  (Wiping tears from his eyes) Well, you can have all the money in my piggy bank, Mom.
Konrad:  Me too, Mom.  You can have my piggy bank.
Me:  Thanks boys, that's very kind of you, but Mom and Dad will have enough money to pay the ticket.

The Good:  We were so excited to have Sarah and Samantha over for lunch today.  Sarah used to babysit for us, until she and her husband had baby Samantha last she is a stay-at-home mom herself!  I had such a fun time catching up with her, and the kids definitely enjoyed seeing her and playing with Samantha.

The Incredible:  I was getting Natalie's urine sample ready to drop off at the lab when I remembered that I needed to get Dominik's blood drawn for his 9-month check-up.  I hesitated, then dug around to find the lab slip and bring it, just in case there was no wait.  Taking all four children to a blood draw was not what I'd intended to do:  I planned to take Dominik when Aime was over to watch the kids, but it hadn't worked out yet, with all the other doctor appointments crowding my schedule.  Call me crazy, I did it!  (I call myself crazy, you can too!)

I had Natalie strapped in the stroller, and Lukas and Konrad on a chair in the lab room (I gave them the talk about not arguing, so I could focus on giving Dominik the care he needed during this procedure).  Dominik smiled at the lab tech, through his pacy, no idea what was going to happen.  Then the incredible happened:  he did not cry during the whole blood draw.  Not a single whimper.  He stiffened slightly at the poke, and squirmed a tiny bit, but he showed his brothers how it's done!  Lukas was impressed!  That lab tech was impressed!  Whoo hoo!

Now I need to go figure out how much that speeding ticket is going to cost.  :(


Christine said...

you are super mom! All four kids to get blood work done- You are crazy!!!
I've missed reading about your family- Love the new blog page. Looking forward to reconnecting with you and your family.

Sarah said...

It was so fun to come visit!!!! I've missed you all so much. It was so sweet to see the children so interested in Samantha. I loved it!

Yikes, that ticket might hurt. I've heard they are raising prices. It used to be $25 to get a front license plate ticket, well Brad just got one recently for $75. Oh man, Lukas and Konrad are so sweet to want to help out their momma!

Wow, go Dominik! Maybe he can teach ME to be tough at the Dr.'s office LOL I'm still a wimp when it comes to getting blood drawn.