Monday, February 21, 2011

Good news and "we're working on it"

I haven't updated about Natalie in a while because...I've been waiting for better news!  The good news is that Natalie appears to have been seizure free for close to a month now.  This is a huge relief to us emotionally.  She might still be having a few break-through seizures, but they must be so short that we're missing them, so that's ok.  And her behavior has been good on the new medication...except in one area.

I'm sad to report that in the past few weeks there's been a regression on her potty training.  For several months, Natalie has been peeing on the toilet on a schedule--every 60-90-120 minutes.  A couple weeks ago (about the time we last increased her seizure medication) she started not going when we put her on the toilet, and then having an accident 10 minutes later.  Instead of having days and days of mostly dry pants, we now have days and days of no use of the toilet (even when I spend a lot of time with her in the bathroom).  Last week I was very discouraged about this, and I've had to let go of it and go back to being surprised and excited when she does use the toilet.  Natalie will sit for a long time on the toilet, really having to go, but holding it in and not going.

I have a call in to her neurologist to see if there is a thought that it could be related to her seizure medicine.  After that, I'm going to call her pediatrician.  It's such an odd thing for Natalie, because she is usually cooperative--one reason she has done so well in her therapy and development--but in this area she has suddenly become stubborn.  If you have any ideas, I'm all ears!

Here's Natalie playing on Konrad's bed because her dolls are having a nap in her bed...such a good momma!


Jacqui said...

Cindy that is hard...about the potty training. Every milestone our kids reach is so hard won, so that when they regress it is a big deal emotionally. Am praying for you as you re-adjust your expectations. Praying that if there is a medical mystery behind the regression that it will be solved quickly.

Nicky said...

Awh...Natalie really IS such a good Mommy, but then again - look at the great model she's had :) It really is so sad to have to take a step or two back once in a while, but WOW, Natalie has take SO many steps forward already! And e can only do what we can. Keeping you in our prayers and hoping that either the neurologist or paed, or both, can lead you in the right direction...and soon! Heaps o' Hugs xxx