Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Lukas!

Seven years ago, at 6:50 am, Lukas made his grand entrance.  It was 32 hours after my water broke and four hours after I started pushing, and he was definitely worth the wait!

Lukas, we love you so much and are so proud of how you've grown over the years.  We look forward to how you will grow in the next seven years!  Ok, maybe we'll just focus on this next year.  ;)

Love, Mom and Dad

Tom with Lukas, the first night at our home.

Getting his first haircut, a few days after his 1st birthday, but right before the party!

Lukas' second birthday party was postponed twice because Natalie was in the hospital with pneumonia so this was in April.

Here's a picture actually taken ON Lukas' third birthday!

Fourth birthday party with friends...delayed again because we were sick, so we had a family party on the day.  That was Lukas' "long hair" year.

Fifth birthday:  opening the bird clock that chimes (bird songs) in our living room.  Lukas loved this gift from Aunt Rose.

Sixth birthday:  Disneyland!

Seventh birthday...what a great big brother!

Wow, he's a big boy!


David Nguyen said...

these are such lovely picture Cindy; thanks for sharing them with us :)

Jessica said...

Canadian Happy Birthday wishes for big boy, Lukas!!! Hope you had a wonderful day, and are in for a fantastic year!

Rachel M. said...

Happy Birthday, Lukas!! :)