Sunday, February 20, 2011

The birthday party

This year was a party year for Lukas' birthday (we've decided to have big parties with friends every other year), and he requested a bowling party.  It worked out so well!  With Lukas' February birthday, I'm always stressing about what the weather will be like for a party in the park, so it was wonderful to have an indoor party planned, especially since it rained a lot this weekend!

Dominik stayed home with Rachel, where he got to play and eat and nap on schedule.  The rest of us went to the bowling alley, where we all had a great time, and I think Lukas' friends did too!

Kathy was so nice to help Natalie so I could work on the details of the party.  Natalie did great bowling!

Lots of kids bowling!

Natalie would really just rather sit in front of the fan.

More kids bowling.

Birthday boy Lukas.

 Konrad got in on the action too!

Yes, we're having fun!

Lukas wanted a bundt cake for his birthday.  Today I finally realized why, when he explained to Tom what a bundt cake is:  "It looks like a big donut."  That's why Lukas wanted a bundt cake...because it reminds him of a donut.  It makes sense to a seven-year-old!  I liked serving a bundt cake because it was easy to slice and serve.

All the kids watching Lukas open the gifts.

Group shot.

Lukas enjoying his favorite gift (a harmonica) and Natalie enjoying his second favorite (Paper Jamz guitar).

Whew!  What a fun day!

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Michelle said...

Natalie looks a bit different to me in the last picture...she's grown up! :)