Friday, March 25, 2011

Closer to spring

Yes, we're already past the first day of spring, but we're getting closer to spring in our "spring egg" hunt (we call them spring eggs in our home instead of Easter eggs so we can focus on Christ's resurrection on Easter).  With Tom's parents' hospital stays and our camping trip, the spring egg hunt was relegated to an evening after dinner (notice the shadows in our backyard).  But the kids don't mind!

Natalie is ready, and carrying her own basket this year!

Konrad and Natalie get to find the eggs on the ground...

...and Lukas can only "find" the eggs that are up higher.

We had to include a picture of Dominik...he was there, but Tom was holding him WHILE taking photos (I was using the video camera).  Next year Dominik will be trying to figure out what it's all about as he looks for his own eggs.

Enjoying a little of the candy from the eggs.

And now each child gets the candy from an egg after lunch and dinner...they'll be gone soon!


Sarah said...

I really do love how you separate Spring Egg hunt and Easter. It's a way for them to enjoy kids stuff with the hunt, but like you said focus on what Easter is really about. =)

- Sarah

Sawyer said...

Love it! I'm so jealous at all of the fun you guys are having outside. It's snowing right now as I type.