Monday, March 28, 2011

Eyes and ears update

Last week, Natalie had two follow-up appointments to her exam under anesthesia last month.  Tom watched the kids while I took Natalie to Dr.'s easier for me to help her cooperate while Dr. Eye puts a pen-like instrument on her eye to test the pressure if I don't have three other kids in the room.  We've been putting eye drops in her eyes in the morning AND evening since the exam (yes, it takes two people to administer the eye drops), and, GREAT NEWS, her eye pressure is down to 15.  This is happy news, but it also means we need to keep on putting eye drops in twice a day.  :(

The next day, all four kids came along for Natalie to have her ears checked (much easier check-up to perform!)  Dr. ENT was happy to see that the granuloma was all healed up.  But now she may need an ear tube in that ear, so we'll see him again in a month to assess how soon she will go under again.

Still no success on the toilet use.  This is really hard, to have her regress when she was doing so well just two months ago.  So many questions roll around in my head:  we THINK we've taken care of anything that might be causing pain to use the toilet, so it's a behavior issue now...or is she extra stubborn because of the seizure meds?  Is there something else we aren't even aware of?  She isn't telling us, if there is.


Sarah said...

Good to hear things are looking up with her exams. Hang in there with the potty training =/

- Sarah

Michelle said...

I don't want to burst your bubble but that exactly what happened to us with Austin. He wasn't nearly as pottytrained as Natalie was but close to it. One thing set him back and he never went in the toilet again. Thankfully, he is currently using the toilet off and on when taken but not as good as he was. She'll eventually remember how she did it!