Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We're in Michigan!

Not really, but look, we're driving cars with Michigan license plates!

This past weekend, Tom and I went to test drive new cars by GM...and we thought since Lukas doesn't need a booster seat anymore, let's take him too (and leave only 3 kids with Rachel).

We had a very fun time, and it was also fun to have Lukas along.  Unfortunately, they required Lukas to be in a booster seat since he's not 8 years old and 80 pounds (even though the law in California is 6 years or 60 pounds).  It wasn't a huge bother...just a little bother.  And Lukas had a fun time riding in the fast cars (including the back of the new Camaro!)  There's no backseat in the Corvette, so he had to stay back and watch as Tom and I each took a turn in in a Corvette.

Tom and Lukas are posing with the Volt.  This was the first time I've driven an electric car, and it was pretty fun!  Ignoring how expensive they are up front, they would be economical to drive.  Unfortunately, they don't seat six.

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Sarah said...

Oh man, I bet Lukas was in hog heaven!