Monday, March 21, 2011

Natalie's counting

We're still working on Natalie using the toilet again after the huge step back last month.  This has involved a lot of sitting time, and to keep her occupied while sitting, we've been working on counting.

Natalie started counting to 20 when she was 3.5.  It took her a couple months to master it, but she was counting to 20 before she was 4.  Then at school, they teach kids to count to 31 (on the calendar), so she's been counting to 30 and beyond for about a year.

Now she is counting to 100 in English, to 20 in German, French and Spanish, and to 10 in Thai (I only ever learned how to count to 10 in Thai).

Counting keeps her sitting on the toilet.  What should we work on next?  I'm hoping that the toilet use comes before I work with her on counting to 100 in French...


Karen said...

How about the 10 commandments? Learn one at a time. It's amazing to me what she is learning. Yay Natalie.

Cindy said...

Good idea, Karen! Natalie has other passages of the Bible memorized, but I should work on the 10 commandments, too.