Sunday, March 6, 2011

New activities and old activities

Tom and Lukas visited Tom's parents on Friday, so Konrad and I got to do a lot of fun stuff with both Lukas and Natalie gone.  That means a lot of puzzles!  I think Aunt Patrice gave this one to Lukas eons ago (one of about six that we put together).

Saturday, Lukas had his first day of soccer practice.  He's taking a break from taekwondo and moving on to try other sports now.  He loved soccer!

And Natalie helped me with the laundry.  Remember this? As I read that blog post, I realize we haven't made much progress on the laundry front:  I'm usually switching out the laundry because Natalie is at school and Lukas is doing schoolwork.  I sometimes get Konrad to help out...he's the one I need to train more to help with the laundry!

Dominik...where's Dominik?  Oops, no pictures...he must have been sleeping!

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