Thursday, April 14, 2011

The beautiful butterfly

Tom spotted a butterfly emerging from its cocoon after lunch and Lukas and I watched it dry its wings before flying away.  We didn't have as many cocoons on our house this year as we have had in the past...even though there were a zillion caterpillars, something (the weather?) might have caused them to not be successful.  But it's so fun to watch a metamorphosis!


Eva said...

I have a son recently diagnosed with RTS he's 2 1/2 and I was so excited to see your youtube video of Natalie talking. I haven't been able to get many answers to the hundreds of questions I have. I really enjoyed your blog. I just want to talk to someone who has a child with this syndrome.

Cindy said...

Hi Eva, Leave your email in the comments and I'll delete it as soon as I see it (and email you privately). Cindy :)

Jessica said...

Amazing!!! I have to come visit you one time... Welcome to the family Eva!! I have a 6yr old with RTS :-)