Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stretching out

I'm so excited to post this picture!  As I've mentioned before, there are definite wardrobe challenges when clothing a person with RTS.  If you visit this link, you can see Natalie wearing a pair of black capris that look like long pants on her.  Natalie has grown a bit since that picture, so even though those same capris still fit at the waist, they look a bit high water.

But here is a pair of size 5 capris that actually look like capris on her!  AND they are elastic waist, so that makes them easy for going to the bathroom.  For dresses, size 6 fits well.  And for shirts, it's usually a size 6 (with the sleeves rolled up on long sleeves and jackets).

This winter, Natalie has been in jeggings from Target...they're a bit long, but since they're tight at the ankle, they can't go over her shoe so they just look bunched up.  After I take out the stitch I put in the waist, she might wear them again this winter!

And even though Natalie is getting taller, Konrad has finally passed her in height.  So right around 5 years, 3 months and 3 years, 3 months, Natalie was passed by Konrad.  But they're both 38 pounds. 

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Jessica said...

You look beautiful Natalie, love you sweetie!!!