Monday, April 18, 2011

The Armor of God

It's Easter (Spring) Break here at The Happy Ones, which means we're playing and making videos.  We're not doing any school this break (I think the teacher needs as much of a break as the students do!)  But we're still doing Bible time every morning, which is so much nicer and more relaxed when Natalie doesn't have to rush off to the school bus at 7:10.  And...we get to make fun videos like this.

Lukas knows this Bible passage (from Ephesians 6) more perfectly, but it's quite funny to watch Konrad and Natalie say it together, especially when Konrad is suddenly more interested in his toes...and he thinks it's a race!

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Nicky said...

That is so cute :) On Hillsong Kids Supernatural cd they have a song about the Armor of God (can't remember the actual song's name but think it's no. 10). Meghan adores this song! Well done Natalie and Konrad!