Friday, April 8, 2011

The best teacher in the world...

...would be awarded to Natalie's teacher, if it was up to me to give out.

Today after Natalie came home, I sent an email to her teacher about a mix up on Natalie's extra clothing and wet clothing.  Fifteen minutes later, Mrs. Melanie arrives at our home to deliver the wet clothing that an aide didn't send home yesterday.  She said it was either deliver it to our house or take it home and wash it herself.  I think it would have been easier to take it home, but I am so glad she made a home delivery, because we had such a great discussion!

I haven't had a chance to visit Natalie's class in a while, with Tom visiting his parents (or someone sick) on his Fridays off.  Melanie broached the subject of a meeting to discuss Natalie's kindergarten placement next year (Tom was home for lunch so he heard everything too!)  Melanie said she had visited the mild-to-moderate class and she agrees it is not right for Natalie.  She would support us in requesting an aide to be with Natalie in a typical class!

This is SUCH  a relief for me.  I have been so stressed about Natalie not using the toilet (she hasn't done it at home since more than a week ago, although she has used the toilet a few times at school) because I thought it would make it more difficult for her to stay out of the mild-to-moderate class.  Melanie says that since the only modification Natalie will need is toileting and fine motor/writing, she can't justify putting her in a mild-to-moderate class.  Melanie says she puts Natalie in the top academic group when the kids are divided into groups in her class.  In my mind, the mild-to-moderate class would be a huge step backward for Natalie.

Wow!  We told Melanie she made our day!  Now to get the aide...

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