Thursday, April 7, 2011

California girl

Yesterday was a beautiful day!  Lately Natalie likes to lie on the bench in our backyard, and on this day she seemed perfectly happy in the warm sun.

I know her Transitions lenses help a lot with the sun, but she still doesn't seem to be bothered by bright light like many others with RTS are.  She doesn't avoid the sun!

And the other kids were having fun on this sunny day too.  Dominik climbed in and out of the sandbox a lot, and played in the sandbox lid a bit.

Lukas and Konrad weren't doing well together (Konrad was being an irritating younger brother and that pushes ALL Lukas' buttons).  I directed Lukas to come up with a way that they could play together, and he actually did it!  They had a great time!

Today is a dreary day with a hint of rain in the forecast, but we have sunny memories like these to keep us going until the long hot summer arrives.

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Sarah said...

Yesterday was beautiful. Perfect day for sun bathing and playing in the sand =)

- Sarah