Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The cutest

It's not really bragging if it's true, right?  I do believe this is the cutest one-year old on the planet.  It's so fun to see how Dominik's personality is developing...these pictures show many of his different expressions.  Can you tell it's Tuesday?  Lukas is at his one-day-a-week school so Konrad played with his piggy-bank money, painted, and played in the sandbox this morning (usually he does pre-school work that requires less supervision from me).  Dominik slept and played in the sandbox.  But somehow I didn't get any pictures of Konrad.  Maybe tomorrow!


Karen said...

It''s okay to brag. He is a cutey! And growing up so fast. Tell him to slow down.

Brandi said...

Brag away! He is sooooo cute! I love the coloring in these pics...wish we lived in the sunshine! We got 1/2 inch of cold rain today :)

Sawyer said...

You can brag! I agree, he is so stinking cute.