Monday, May 23, 2011

Open House

Both Lukas and Natalie had their Open Houses last week.  Unfortunately, I saw the note about Natalie's Open House in her backpack the morning after the Open House.  :(  I think this also happened last fall with her beginning of the year Open House.  With Lukas' Open House, we were well prepared in advance and had so much fun seeing all the projects he's been working on during the year.

Here's Natalie checking out one of the other students' solar system box.  She liked to jiggle the table so the planets moved.

Here's Lukas posing with his solar system box and a few other astronomy creations from the year, and holding his astronomy dictionary.

Konrad posing with Lukas' astronomy dictionary.

Here's Lukas with his artwork from the year.  Beautiful work!

And with his history projects.  That's his California mission, La Purisima Concepcion.  On the table is also his sketchbook with pictures and facts he learned, and several other crafts he made during the year.

Lukas pointing at the egg man he made.  He also made them at home after making them at school, and they don't last as long as Lego men, believe me!

Singing with his class on stage during the program...

...Dominik couldn't handle the long program, so he crawled around and entertained the grandparents in attendance.

Great work, Lukas!  We know you've learned a lot this year and grown so much!


Karen said...

If you home school, is this a supplemental type program or have I misunderstood about the home schooling. I know our home school association here as a bunch of alternative programs for the kids to supplement what they have at home.

Cindy said...

Yes, on Tuesdays Lukas attends homeschool co-op for instruction in history, science, art and PE. We do all the homework for those classes at home, in addition to math, reading and language at home.

Sarah said...

Aw Lukas's work looks so great. He looks so proud in his pictures. Great job Lukas!

- Sarah