Friday, May 13, 2011


Here's where Dominik used to take his bath:

It was so convenient to load the dishwasher while he sat and played in the sink.  But then he started standing too much, and I wasn't able to really do the dishes anymore.

So here's where he now takes his bath:



Needless to say, he loves it!

Additional "growing up" milestones:  HE TOOK HIS FIRST UNASSISTED STEP TODAY!  Ironic that it was in a doctor's office waiting room?  Also today, he started using a sippy cup.  I had tried it a couple months ago, but he only wanted to chew on the spout.  Today he started out chewing, but got a little milk too, and finally realized he could drink if he sucked on it.  I think he would still prefer the bottle, but the bottles have been put away (in the trash can!) and the sippy cups are out.

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Brandi said...

Huge milestones this week Dominik! You sure are getting to be a big boy. I'm sure you and your siblings are keeping your mom plenty busy these days!