Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday hike

Whew!  No commitments on Saturday, so we had the chance to explore the Bolsa Chica Nature Preserve.  The path probably could have accommodated a stroller for Natalie, but hey, she's a big girl now, so she should walk the whole way, right?

We gave her flowers as incentives to walk...

...but she kept asking Tom to carry her.  It was only when Tom walked with the boys and left her behind with me that she walked willingly, when I told her I couldn't carry her because I was carrying Dominik.  Ok, she walked semi-willingly.

Don't lose any children in that brush!  Lukas and Konrad had fun counting the number of stink bugs on the path.  We also saw a squirrel, rabbit and more birds than we could count.

Dominik had a FABULOUS time.  He was so quiet that I forgot he was back there, except when he played with my hair once in a while...or if he made a fun noise when he spotted a bird.

But eventually Natalie got too tired and Tom carried her like a fireman.

Fun!  There are several areas at Bolsa Chica to explore, and we haven't been there for A LONG TIME, so it will be good to make another trip in a few weeks.


Sarah said...

Haha that picture of Tom carrying her is so cute. Looks like you had a fun time!

- Sarah

Sawyer said...

What a pretty place to take a hike. I'm jealous of all of your outdoor activities.