Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthday Party I

This is Tom's birthday week.  Tom is such a DAD!  Proof #1:  he bid on a charity auction item of lunch at a fire station because he knew the kids would love it.  Proof #2:  he chose to have one of his birthday celebrations at this lunch.

Here is our family in the back seat of the fire engine.

Now they're taking us around the corner.  Look how safety conscious Lukas is:  he buckled his seat belt without being told (none of the rest of us did!)

We drove around back and the boys got to use the fire hose.

Then it was Natalie's turn!

Since we used up all that water, we had to go out front and re-fill the fire engine with water. Lukas learned how to turn on a fire hydrant.  Two seconds after this picture was taken, they got a call, so all the firemen scrambled and put on their gear, and took off with sirens blazing.

Thankfully, there was no fire and they got to return to the station within a few minutes...and finished making carne asada for Tom's lunch.

Our boys ate A LOT!  They had fun chatting with the firemen.

Dominik liked the beans, and Natalie loved the cheese quesadilla.

Tom's checking to see if that trick candle I put on the cake is going to re-light.

Dominik is bellying up to the table to play cards with the firemen.  They play cards to see who has to clean up.

Thank you firemen!  We had a wonderful time!  And thanks to Tom for winning this special treat.  The boys can't stop talking about how much fun they had!

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Karen said...

What an awesome lunch. I know your kids will talk about that forever. You both are great parents!