Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday Party II

On his actual birthday, Tom had his favorite meal (corned beef and potatoes...I forgot to get cabbage when I was at the store).

For dessert, I surprised him with homemade chocolate eclairs.  He didn't know that I had discovered a recipe (with the Wilton cake decorating kit I'd recently purchased), so I surprised him with his favorite dessert.  Eclairs are great because they're easy to make and they don't have a lot of fat in them.  Tom was really happy to hear that they're easy to make and that they don't have a lot of fat!

Lukas, Natalie and Dominik also liked them...Konrad declined because of the pudding inside (he has this texture issue with creamy things), but he ate the top layer with chocolate on it when Tom took it apart for him.


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Tom!!!


Sarah your recipe!

- Sarah

Cindy said...

Hey Sarah, I know you would love making them! It's not really practical to make them without the cake decorating kit...both to form the pastry and also to fill the pastry. Here's the recipe if you have another cake decorating kit. Have fun!