Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daddy adds a sprinkler

This is a guest post by Lukas (he took the pictures and typed in the captions himself!)

Konrad is excited because Dad is putting a new sprinkler on!

This is Konrad being silly.

These are Dad's pipes.

Dad is working.

Konrad is being silly again.

Working & working & working!

Do you see it?

 Dad is taping the pipe!
Dad is screwing it on!

It is ready!


Sarah said...

I LOVED this guest post. I think my favorite picture is of Tom working lol. Tell Lukas good job for me!

- Sarah

Tom said...

Oooh, my that was so funny. I was there, but this was more funny than the real thing.

Christine said...

Good Job Lukas! Loved your post. Can't wait for the next guest blog post!