Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last Day of School

Somehow this post didn't get posted (must have been because we went on vacation the next day)...this is from June 23.

Yesterday was Natalie's last day of school!  Wow, she gets 12 whole days off before starting summer school.  It was fun to see her with her friends and talk to her teachers.

She was so excited to see me and her brothers there.

Singing with her class.

Natalie receiving her certificate of completion.  She did so well receiving it, then held it very nicely while the rest of the class received theirs.

Having a snack with her brothers (Dominik is in the stroller behind Konrad).

She will miss Mrs. Melanie so much (so will I!)

...and Mrs. M.

A few of the students posing with their teachers and aides.

Natalie and her best friend, Sarah.  Anytime I asked Natalie what she did in school today, she always said, "I played with Sarah!"

This girl asked to pose with Natalie (I've forgotten her name!  I'll have to ask Natalie.)

Natalie and her awesome SLP, Mrs. Nikki.

Next year is a new school, new teachers, new therapists, new everything.  We're sad to say good-bye but know that great things will happen next year too.

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