Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It seems like every week our kids are changing!  The BEST change is that Natalie is now using the potty again!  Let's just pause and breathe and consider that THE most beautiful sound in the world is the sound of your child tinkling in the toilet.

Ok, now for the REASON she stopped using the toilet...we discovered that she has grade 3 kidney reflux!  So now she's on a low-grade antibiotic to prevent infections...and ever since, she's been using the toilet regularly (only when we take her...but staying dry for most of the day!)  Can you hear the excitement in my voice!  I had actually despaired of her using the toilet this year.  Here's the proud girl who can barely take her eyes off the TV for a picture:

Today Lukas had his first music lesson at the new homeschool PSP (and one-day-a-week-classes) we'll be joining for the fall.  Needless to say he loved it...and we love that the current learning-of-the-recorder will transition into band and orchestra in 4th or 5th grade.  He has about four more weeks of music before they break for the summer, which is perfect to help him adjust to the new location.

Dominik is practically RUNNING everywhere now.  And he's responding to my directions:  for example "sit down and take off your shoes", he'll sit down and try to loosen the velcro straps on his sandals.  It's so cool how much he understands!  But he is still a major pill to his brothers when he destroys their block buildings or train tracks or LEGO creations.

And last but certainly not least, Konrad.  Konrad's habit is to pray for his grandparents and aunts and uncles.  With the passing of his grandparents, he's quickly learned to not pray for them, since "they're with Jesus."  But he doesn't completely understand that they aren't with us anymore.  This weekend as we arrived at his grandfather's memorial service, Konrad asked, "Is grandma getting better?" It's hard to help a little guy understand...it's something that I think only comes with time.


Christine said...

Changes are everywhere and with kids that's ALL the time isn't it. Glad to hear Natalie is doing so well with Potty training ( I'm hoping it may rub off on us somehow) I'm loving the pictures- your kids are all so cute but my favorite one is of Dominik. I know that LOOk all too well these days!

Jacqui said...

SOOO excited for you - I could so hear the despair in your voice in your earlier posts about her struggles with potty, and now I can certainly hear the glee, delight and joy in your voice with her rediscovering her skills. We celebrate with you.