Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 4: Rest

We were exhausted when Sunday finally came around.  We had a short worship service in our hotel, then walked down to the beach (didn't have to drive!).  The beach was even closer than the hotel pool.  We were on the Mission Bay, which meant there weren't ocean waves for the kids to contend with, but it also meant there was a lot more silt in the sand than we're used was almost like standing in quicksand as I gradually sank if I stood in one place.

But first, the breakfast picture.  Lukas is now expert at cracking eggs, adding cheese and salsa to make the scrambled eggs (I still cook them...especially on that tricky electric stove.)

Dominik loves the water!

So does Konrad.  We definitely have to keep an eye on Konrad because he wants to go out as deep as Lukas, but Konrad can't swim.

Yes, this IS what it looks like it is:  Konrad pushing Dominik down in the water to get more wet.  I intended to snap a picture of three kids playing nicely, but you see what happens in a split second. Lukas was at the beach too, but I didn't get any pictures of him!

Dominik loves his Daddy!

 Natalie is a water girl...seeing how she can get water on her head.

She can examine the sand up close because her glasses protect her eyes!

After lunch, we actually had naps in bed for the first time all trip!  Here's Konrad smiling while he's trying to NOT wake up.

For dinner, we visited Tom's cousins in San Diego.  Carla made us a wonderful meal and we had fun chatting (a little more easily than the dinner after Dad's memorial service last week).  Carla, Natalie, Jewelee, Tim, Danielle, Jean, Lukas, Konrad, Cindy, Dominik, Leif.

One more day to report!

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