Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 5a: Safari Park

We slept in a bit, realizing we shouldn't try to kill ourselves on the last day, so we didn't make it to the Safari Park right when it opened.  Still, there weren't many people (it's Monday!) and we didn't have to wait very long to see many things or ride the trams and tours.

You might have noticed I called this Day 5a...Lukas will be guest posting again with Day 5b, where he took the pictures on the Safari tram tour.  Those are the only pictures we took WITH REAL ANIMALS.  All the pictures I took are with fake animals...

On the carousel...

...everyone has their favorite wild animal to ride.  Lukas is a fox, Tom is a gorilla, Natalie is a white tiger and Konrad is a Bengal tiger...pretty good, huh?

This is a note-worthy picture because all four of our children are standing in one picture...I don't think this has been done at The Happy Ones before.  Oh, yeah, they're standing in front of a silhouette of a gorilla...

And another animal to climb on, this time a rhino!

So many places to climb on this rhinoceros!

This picture, taken by Tom, is intended to show the shortest possible distance between a bathroom and a sanitation plant.

 Once again, the fake animals are so huggable!

And rideable!

Lukas "holding" a bird.

That was it!  Stay tuned for Lukas' guest post on the real animals at San Diego Safari Park...but that was our last day of vacation.  We drove home and collapsed in exhaustion.  It's taken all week to recover (naps at normal times, etc.) but we're doing great and now only remember all the good things that happened on our trip.

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