Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

Monday is the perfect day for the Fourth of July, don't you think?  We had such a fun time celebrating with friends:  water play, food and fireworks.  I hope your fourth was as fun!

It wasn't quite warm enough for the water slide, but perfect for the pool and water guns!

Leah loves that watermelon!

And so does Dominik!

The kids are watching Veggie Tales after dinner, waiting for it to get dark enough for fireworks.  It was a relief to have them all sitting fairly quietly so the adults could have a conversation (even though we were outside).

Lukas is writing his name with a sparkler.  This was his first time with a sparkler and he was a little crazy about it.

A few of the guests waiting for the fireworks show.

More sparklers by Micah and Josh!

Tom ran the fireworks show, complete with patriotic music.  It was so cool!

Surprises for us:  Dominik preferred to be out with us watching the fireworks way after his bedtime, instead of in bed sleeping.  Natalie and Konrad both watched the fireworks for a little while, then decided they were too loud and went inside to watch more Veggie Tales.  No surprise:  Lukas couldn't get enough of the fireworks!

The hard part of having the Fourth on a Monday is that summer school starts the next day.  Natalie had her first day today:  new school, new teacher, new students (maybe some of the same classmates) after going to bed two hours past her bedtime.  She's still napping!

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