Friday, August 5, 2011

Adventure Playground

It's hard to find a good time to go to the Adventure Playground, because either Tom or I have to watch the younger kids, or I have to get a sitter.  AND, the playground closes halfway through August (next Friday is the last day) which has sunk plans in previous years.  But schedules finally worked out, and Tom watched the little kids while I took Lukas to play with his friends Z and J.  They all had such a fun time! 

On the way to the park, I asked Lukas if he had a plan of what he was going to do first, and he said, "Well, this time I'm going to build for a while before I get wet, instead of getting wet first, so I won't be so cold while I'm building."  Smart kid!

This is the only "before" picture I captured of Z and Lukas (J came later).

Posing like big strong men.

We parents were so happy to see the problem-solving and teamwork here:  the tire was the biggest one there, and too big for the kids to lift, so they made an inclined plane!  Two kids at the bottom and one at the top.

Arriving when it opened at 10 am meant our kids could play for almost 40 minutes before any other kids arrived.  Here's where they started to arrive.

J testing out his rafting skills.

Lukas sliding into the mud hole.  It looks like he got a mouthful of mud...but that's basically the way he spent the whole visit, after he got wet!

Then it was time to cross the rope bridge.

Lukas and Z on their rafts.

The staff did a great job making sure everyone got a turn.  Here's Lukas waiting in line for another turn on the raft.

There's that teamwork again!

Here are the three boys after they cleaned up for lunch.  I thought we would go home after two hours of hard playing and lunch, but they went back to pounding nails for another 50 minutes and I think they would have stayed until the park closed if we'd let them!

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