Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In which my heart almost stops at the park

We stopped by a park we don't often visit today, so it was a new adventure for Dominik, who has NEVER visited this park.  I quickly realized he's very self-confident! 

My heart almost stopped the first time Dominik walked across this bridge (this picture is about the 10th time he walked across, because I kept running after him to make sure he didn't fall, so I wasn't able to take a picture).  I finally realized he was going to be ok...but that didn't stop me from being really close, just in case.  He just turned 15 months old!

What are you worried about?  I'll crawl when I need to!

There's Konrad peeking around the corner.

Next time, I need to take pictures of Natalie playing on the playground before she gets bored and switches to playing with a car.  But I was chasing after Dominik so much, I didn't take pics of Natalie.  :(

Konrad and Dominik are sharing Dominik's snack...or something like that: Konrad is teaching Dominik to share with his big brother.

I finally relaxed enough about Dominik crossing the bridge to shoot a video.

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Karen said...

What did you expect. He has two older brothers to teach him.