Monday, August 8, 2011

What we do while Lukas is away

Tom and I have discovered that the reason that the boys are up and talking in the living room on the weekend before we wake up is because Konrad wakes up when Lukas gets out of bed.  When Lukas is not here (the past two mornings!) Konrad sleeps in until he hears us up.  Now, how to translate this information into more sleep for Tom and Cindy on the weekend?

The first day, Konrad asked several times where Lukas was.  Now, he's just praying for Lukas, morning and night (apparently he's remembered where he is!)  Natalie doesn't talk about missing Lukas, but I think we all notice a difference:  it's a lot quieter!  Tom and I noticed that we are talking more about things that are over Natalie and Konrad's heads, but we would have avoided talking about if Lukas were around.  I find myself thinking about what Lukas is doing (wondering!) at different parts of the day.

And I also notice that I have to do all Lukas chores!  Two more days until he returns!

Ready for church on Sunday.  Natalie is wearing a new dress from Aunt Patrice.

Lego time, Sunday afternoon.

Tom reading the bedtime book, in Konrad's bed.  Doesn't this look uncomfortable?

This is just Natalie looking cute, as I play with this new (to me) camera.

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Sawyer said...

That's a really sweet picture of Natalie.