Friday, August 26, 2011


We're just back from a mountain vacation, but before I post pictures of that trip, I have to catch up on Lukas' Lego camp from last week.  Here are a few pictures of his creations (five days, three hours each day) on the days that I arrived before they took everything apart.  You have to watch the video of his Lego bot in the bot wars at the end (it's a great ending to a great week!)

Here's the gondola he moves across the rope it's hanging from.

Here's the decoration part of his bot (Lukas is into making his bot look good).

And finally, the video:

We're so happy that Lukas had a great time and learned a lot. He was the youngest in the class (the five other kids were age 8-11), and I think he kept up with everyone!

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