Monday, September 19, 2011

Legoland II

Back in June, we visited Legoland as a part of our summer trip to San Diego.  Well, the tickets we bought for Legoland were good for a second visit if we used them within 90 days...and if you know anything about me, you know that I don't pass up a good deal like that!

This visit to Legoland was better in so many ways:  we only went to one place before going home; the kids (especially Dominik) are older so they do better without that morning (D) and afternoon (N, K, D) nap; AND we had a helper along: Tom's cousin Jean joined us for the day, so an extra pair of adult hands was really great.  And we all enjoyed the additional adult conversation!

Here are a few pics from the day...

The back of the van from my vantage point...Natalie is there, but not in this photo.

Wow, everyone looking at Jean! Take a long look at Tom, because this is the only picture of him from the whole day.  :(

Natalie can't pose with one of these things...she's too interested in looking at them and touching them.  I'm sure the people inside are used to that!

Konrad was very interested in the "rocks" that were singing Queen "We Will Rock You".  Yes, my children enjoy Queen (with editing).

Lukas and Konrad both had fun driving the cars (Lukas on the bigger cars).  The lack of lines was an incredible difference from our June visit. Soooo much fun to be in a park that was practically empty!

Natalie patting the dog, with Dominik looking on.  He did get out the stroller once in a while!

My favorite picture!  Obviously, because all four of our kids are in it!

The pirate ride was Natalie's favorite (we got doused right at the end.)  Natalie kept on saying, "Ahoy matey" the rest of the day.

Ok, not many pictures of Dominik out of the stroller, so I had to post this one.

Fun log ride!

Lukas with Jean.

The kids loved the big playground much fun!

Ok, here's another action picture of Dominik's.

Natalie did such a good job of climbing everywhere...but that pesky dress did get in the way once in a while.

Jean took Natalie to see this ride and said Natalie was giggling the whole time she watched it.  I love this picture because Natalie is smiling!  So often, she doesn't smile, even when she's enjoying something...I think she's thinking about it too much.

Here's one kid who can always smile for the camera...

...and another!

This picture is just to document that Dominik did ride another ride.  See his head peeking out the top in the front next to Konrad?

Lukas is watching Konrad and me on the Technic rollercoaster.  Lukas did not want to go on this ride.  Konrad was barely tall enough to ride it, so he got to ride.
 One of Natalie's favorite characters...Bob the Builder.

End of the day...time to wind down and build some Lego cars!

Don't ask what this is...even Lukas doesn't know.

Natalie enjoyed pushing the button to start the car races.

Thanks Jean for joining us on a great outing!  We had soooo much fun!


Kristin @ Petal and Thorn said...

how fun! when do you think sisi will be old enough to do cool outings like that? i'm excited for when she can see more than 2 feet in front of her (for example, we took her on a boat ride, and the whole time she played with a crack in the leather seat instead of looking at the beautiful gloucester scenery. go figure!)

Cindy said...

Definitely after 12 months, Kristin. Dominik is 16 months and his awareness has improved a lot in the past few months. You have a lot of years of fun ahead of you!