Saturday, October 22, 2011

After the IEP

Tom and I survived Natalie's triennial IEP yesterday.  It was 2.5 hours long and we didn't even get to her new goals, so another date has been planned for Part 2 of the IEP.  Overall, I think the meeting went well: reviewing Natalie's current levels and where teachers and therapists understand her strengths and weaknesses are.  But the continuing question is Natalie's behavior and how to deal with it--she's behaving differently than she did last year, and it could be because there is so much more sitting at a desk in kindergarten than there was in pre-K.  We're happy that a behavior management plan will be prepared, and they will also be consulting with autism specialists at the school, since many of Natalie's objectionable behaviors are autistic-like.

We think everyone at the table understands what their job is, except Natalie's teacher!  Natalie's teacher has stated that the classroom environment is just asking too much of her and everything is just too hard.  The lingering suggestion when she makes these comments is that Natalie should be somewhere else (a special day class instead of a general ed class).  As I think about it after the meeting, that's the purpose of the IEP team!  We have to come up with ways to challenge Natalie, but not beyond her capabilities.  We still think that Natalie will do the best in the classroom she's in, and with the teacher she has, but we need support from other people who've had more experience with special needs modifications.  There have been some modifications (a one-on-one aide), but more modifications need to be made.

Thanks for your continued's not over.  This has been the hardest IEP yet, but we have confidence that we will have a positive outcome in the end.  I'll probably be making some phone calls next week to follow up with those who understand what their job make sure they know that we know what their job is!


MommyP said...

(((HUGS))) Hang in there! I know you guys will get Natalie sorted out.

angie said...

Absolutely keep her in the regular classroom! She may need more "sensory breaks" there an OT room in the school close by? If it possible for her1:1 to take her out to swing when she gets agitated? As you know....Emma had 3 years of Kindergarten, and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world! The first year she had A LOT of behaviors, the second year was just awash because she had a HORRIBLE experience, but last year she did awesome! This year she is in 1st grade, and she is doing fantastic. The key to Emma is CALM!!! If she has a teacher that is easily irritated, or has negative energy....Emma can read it (and take on the same energy in return) as the teacher. I really "teacher shop" before placing her in a classroom. A teacher must believe in her....or she will sense it. Not sure if this has helped, but please feel free to email me or if you want to call just ask and I'll give you my #. We are in this together my friend:). I love that Natalie girl!!!

Cindy said...

Thanks so much for your encouragement!

Angie, I tried to reply to your email, but it was undeliverable...please let me know you new email!

angie said...

My email is the same....I did get your email....Just the last one. My work email is having some issues:)...just keep sending because it will eventually come.