Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to make a Mom's Day

If you've spoken with me recently, you probably know I'm stressed.  If you haven't, here's what's been going on to stress me out in a way that I haven't been stressed since Natalie was born.

About a month ago, we learned that Natalie wasn't doing well in school, much to our surprise.  It wasn't that she couldn't keep up with the other was that her behavior was disruptive and getting in the way of her learning and participating.  I observed her in class and gave some pointers to Natalie's one-on-one aide, but the notebook on Natalie's behavior continued to show that basically only Natalie's worst behaviors were happening all day long at school.  It wasn't that we never see those behaviors at home...but they are not a significant part of her life, as they appear to be at school.

Now, we know the notebook is there to justify continuing a one-on-one aide (the need for an aide is supposed to be re-evaluated at her triennial IEP, which is the day after tomorrow).  But it is quite depressing to read the notes about Natalie's behavior when we know she is capable of so much more.

Today I had a great conversation with the made me think that they do really understand Natalie. 

And then... when I picked Natalie up from school, the teacher said Natalie had her best day of the whole year.  I said, "Great, maybe she's finally showing you what she can do."  The teacher said that if that's what Natalie can do, that's great!

Needless to say, I'm feeling a lot better about Friday's IEP!  And the pictures of Natalie?  They were taken by Catherine, mom of Julia (8, RTS) a few weeks ago.  Aren't they great?  We'll have those pictures framed at the everyone remembers who we're all excited about.

Of course, I'm expecting many ups and downs this school year, but I'm excited that the staff at Natalie's school are finally getting a glimpse of how much she can do...and I'm celebrating this "up"!


Jessica said...

CHEERS my friend, we celebrate with you. I find things are starting to get easier with Rach, but its the sharing, she just can't share!!!

Love Natalie's haircut!!!! She is looking older, and still so oh beautiful!! I just love her. Hope to see her and the family soon.

Hugs Jess

MommyP said...

*shudder* I hate those conversations. I had one with the OT last week, except it wasn't about behavior - it was about progress, or lack of... I'm glad Natalie had a good day at school!!! I hope those continue for all of you. ((HUGS))