Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Rain of the Season

It's a beautiful rainy day in Southern California!  Recess for homeschool was a lot of jumping in the water...and Natalie got to participate too (first by swinging, as in the back of this picture, and later by stomping in the water).  She was home today for a planned EUA (exam under anesthesia) and possible surgery in the other eye...but then we found out this morning that paperwork didn't happen to get approval for the surgery, so it's rescheduled for Monday.  Since we'd already told the school that she wasn't coming today, and the aide was cancelled for her, she stayed at home anyway (and did school at home!)

Dominik was so happy to follow his brothers in this new (for him) activity.  See how his pants are wet?  By the time everyone came inside, his pants were completely drenched!

And then the battery on my camera died and it was all I could do to watch the kids to make sure they got out of the street when a car came by.  We love the rain!

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Karen said...

Dominik was drenched but he had the time of his life. He shouldn't be big enough to be following his brothers. Tell him to stop growing. What a cutie!