Friday, October 14, 2011

Herding cats

No, we haven't bought a cat...but parts of our second activity of the day felt like herding cats.  But before I talk about the herding cats part, let me just say that it was so fun to wake the kids up from naps and head to the pumpkin patch for our annual visit.  Don't you love comparing pumpkin patch pics of your kids over the years?

Here's Dominik at the measuring post...the only one I captured in a photo at the measuring post this year.

For some reason, the kids were VERY drawn to this picture stand.

Who are these people?

Natalie and Dominik in the hay maze.

Dominik's first year for pumpkin patch (that he can really appreciate!)

Lukas and Konrad smiling on the train.  It's always about the teeth!

 Here's where the herding cats starts: trying to get all four kids to look at the camera at the same time.  This one:  Natalie's looking away.

Now Dominik's looking away.

Is ANYONE looking at the camera?  Oh, yes, Dominik is.

We have lost the battle...

...and then our friend Kim popped up and offered to take a family picture.  Somehow, SHE was successful!  Thanks Kim!

Here are some previous posts about the pumpkin patch:  2008, 2007, 2006 and earlier.  I know we went to the pumpkin patch the last two years...but I guess I didn't blog about it (cannot find 2009 or 2010 pumpkin blog).  Something else must have been important!

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