Monday, March 19, 2012


The evening didn't start out with an started with Reuben Sandwiches for dinner, which are the best part about St. Patrick's Day:  leftover corned beef! 

Then because the sun was still up after dinner, Tom decided to plant a few flowers out front.  The kids wanted to join him, so that meant I needed to be out front too, to make sure they didn't bug him too much and because he wouldn't really be able to make sure Dominik didn't run into the street.

Lukas and Konrad got a soccer ball out, and Tom suggested they play Avalanche, a game from Konrad's soccer class (and Lukas' former soccer class).  We lined the balls up...but it's so much more fun to run the gauntlet of Avalanche than to kick, so I kicked the balls and Lukas and Konrad tried to avoid getting hit by a ball.  Dominik tried to help me kick, and Natalie stepped away from spinning on her swing near the end.  And that's how we had an Avalanche on the last day of winter.

Happy Spring!


Sarah said...

How fun! The weather looks so nice down there. You guys are the sweetest. I love watching your family activities =)

- Sarah

Sawyer said...

Your weather looks so nice! It makes me so antsy. Yesterday was the first time we went outside for a bit, I wish we had more days like yours.

Jessica said...

Looks like so much fun.. I can't get over green grass in March. I was shoveling snow. Serious, you need some snow pics on your blog. You need some skating on the worlds largest skating rink, eating beavertails, and sipping on hot chocolate with some Canadian friends..