Saturday, March 17, 2012

The "Indoor" Range

A couple of weeks ago I bought two rubber-band guns for Lukas and Konrad. Today, while Cindy was out shopping, I needed to come up with a rainy day activity. I made an indoor shooting range with a big sheet of cardboard, that I cut various sized holes in, and cereal boxes as rubber band catchers. As you can see I also took the opportunity to teach the boys "gun" safety. No the rubber-band gun does not make much noise, but I added the hearing protection to give them an understanding of what they would wear when they are older and more responsible. Wow, the house was loud with all of the boys' ears covered, and their mouths overcompensating.

Lukas has an interesting and natural shooting stance that makes him look like he is dueling 200 years ago. It reminds me of when he was four and we went to the Mirmar Airshow and he pretended to fire a Squad Automatic Weapon (light machine gun). The Marines were laughing only because it took them several days of training and practice to learn what Lukas did by chance (instinct?).


Cindy said...

I can only *imagine* how loud it was with all the excitement! And kudos to Tom that everything was put away when I came home...I never would have known what everyone did. BTW, where was Natalie?

Unknown said...

I LOVE THIS! So fun! What a great and creative dad these kids have. I hope (speaking as a daughter, sister and wife who has been taken to the range) that Natalie was in on the fun too. :)

~ Debbie N.

Tom said...

It was fun! Where was Natalie? She was cruising around the house, and only showed interest when I taped (she has a tape fetish) the cereal boxes onto the back of the cardboard. I admit that I did not have any hearing protection for Natalie (she had her glasses). I have to purchase three more pairs.

Sarah said...

That's so hilarious! Such a great idea. I need to remember this because you can bet our kids will eventually learn to shoot too. That's so funny too about Lukas and his natural stance.

- Sarah