Friday, March 16, 2012

Mom of One

Tom had today off from work, so he decided to take Lukas and Konrad to LA for an adventure.  This is Konrad's first trip on the train, so I know he will come back with loud, excited stories of everything he saw.  Dominik heard the older boys talking about going with Tom this morning, and had every plan in mind to make sure he went along:  got his shoes out (I had Tom put his shoes on), wanted to get in Tom's car when I tried to put him in my car (I had Tom put him in my car) when I pulled out of the driveway with just Dominik and Natalie to take Natalie to school, Tom left the house with Lukas and Konrad, and they were on their way to the train station before Dominik and I returned.

Thankfully, Dominik seemed to forget about what he might be missing when I suggested Play-Doh.  So we played with Play-Doh for a while, then put puzzles together, then read a ton of books.  Dominik does well with wooden puzzles that are pictures of animals and cars...but when he wanted "more" puzzles, I pulled out the well-worn number and alphabet puzzles.  He is definitely not ready for them, but I figure he will "get ready" for them as he learns how to fit those funny shapes where they go.  Ok, I have to show him where each one goes when he gets too frustrated.  He did say "T" when he got that letter...but then he also called a few other letters T.

No matter how hard you try, you can't fit a W in the A space.  In case you were wondering.


Then while reading some of our favorite board books, I had the great idea of running to Marshalls to get some new board books.  Our kids are pretty hard on our books, and some are too well-worn to be as much fun...and Marshalls has some board books for as little as $3.  And hey, I'm a mom of one this morning, so going to Marshalls with a kid in a cart is easy!  Thankfully they were quite nicely stocked with some of our favorite board books, and I got a few different ones too.  Since Tom and I are both the fourth child, we know how it is to get hand-me-downs from older siblings that are embarrassingly we're trying to make sure Dominik doesn't feel so much like a fourth child.  Today, he was an only child...which was a little different for both him and me.  Different, but wonderful!

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