Saturday, April 14, 2012


What's better on a spring day, during spring break, than to plan your own toy?  It's fun to see the creative juices flowing as Lukas did just that, this morning.

Here's the plan I found floating around the house:

 And here's what the plan became in a very short while:

Lukas puts a marble in the top and sees it come out the bottom.  I suspect that the burst of planning and building is a direct result of going to the Discovery Science Center yesterday.  There is a perpetual motion machine there that the boys love.  But don't go to the Discovery Science Center in the next two days to see it:  that's how much longer the Star Wars exhibit is there.  If you want to learn a new definition of the word "crazy", go there in the next two days.  If you want to have a relaxing outing with your kids, go somewhere else!  We loved the Star Wars exhibit, but the other two thousand people there loved it too.

Can't wait to see what other fun creative things happen during spring break!

Did I mention we're on spring break?  Yes, we're pretty excited here!

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Sawyer said...

What a great invention, looks like a lot of fun. Have a great spring break!