Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another potty update

We are on the way!  Natalie has finally started using the toilet at other locations besides our home.  Today I went with her class on a field trip to the La Habra Children's Museum, and she used the toilet there (this picture was taken after she earned her dress for the day).  Then we came back to school and she used the toilet again. 

The reason for my optimism is not only that she's actually doing it, but also that she does it more quickly than she's done in the past.  Instead of sitting for 5 or 7 minutes before finally giving in, she's doing it within 30 seconds of sitting down.  I told her teacher and aide to not let up with the potty dance and bubbles after successes...we need to keep the high praise going for several weeks until it becomes more normal for her.  And she's getting lots of chocolate milk (her favorite drink) at school to help make it impossible to hold it all morning.

Yesterday and today we also sent her to school with a shirt and pants and told her that as soon as she uses the toilet at school, she can wear her dress.  Wearing a dress is a huge motivator for Natalie...we had been giving her the dress as soon as she used the toilet in the morning at home...but then she was holding it all day at school and not using the toilet at school.  Now she sees that she has to use the toilet to get what she wants...and she's even doing it when she already has the dress.  Hey, you gotta use what they love!

She's not going without prompting, and she won't say if she has to go, and she'll tell me "no" if I ask if she has to go, but cooperation is definitely a major step from where we were a few weeks ago.

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MommyP said...

way to go Natalie!!!!!!!! I know this milestone has been a long time coming, so congratulations! Stephen STILL tells me he doesn't have to go sometimes when he really does - he just doesn't want to stop playing, and I guess doesn't believe me that his toys will STILL be exactly where he left them.