Monday, April 30, 2012


Our second baby swing bit the dust.  The first one eventually broke from hundreds of hours of use.  And the second one also saw hundreds of hours of use, but its end may have been precipitated by Natalie's desire to be in the swing UPSIDE DOWN.  This caused her full weight to pull on the straps and eventually crack the back of the swing.  I thought it was the boys' rough play on the swing that caused the cracking, until she flipped herself upside down in it, a final crack was heard, and one of the straps pulled through...then I realized it was probably Natalie's rough play.

But we don't have babies anymore, so we won't replace it with another baby swing.  Dominik is not riding the big-kid swing yet, but he'll be there soon.  The older boys have been lobbying for a tire swing, and when the swing gave its last gasp and died, we relented and replaced the baby swing with a tire swing.  It's a good choice for us, because two kids can swing on it at the same time (it actually works better with two).  Lukas is slightly over the weight limit, but we're allowing him to swing.

Lots of fun in store!

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MommyP said...

How fun!!! We are retiring our baby swing in a couple of weeks. We are putting up a swing set, and getting a glider swing for Stephen, so he can work on "pumping."

I ALWAYS wanted a tire swing growing up, but I didn't know that it is better with 2 people - I guess being an only child wouldn't have worked so well.