Saturday, May 26, 2012

Strawberry Festival

We always have fun at the Strawberry Festival (since we've been staying in Southern California over Memorial Day instead of visiting my sister), but this one was special.  A friend of Tom's gave him tickets for the boys and a friend to ride on a fire truck in the Strawberry Festival Parade!  Too much fun to pass up!

We haven't been to a parade like this before (will our kids sit through it?)  Natalie and Dominik shared stroller time since I forgot to bring folding chairs.  Bringing chairs was probably more logistics than I needed to handle that morning anyway.  The parking was difficult all along the parade route, so I was just happy to make it.

It was a little windy, so I'm glad I brought jackets for the kids.

Lots of bands, horses, and old cars to keep Natalie and Dominik's attention.

Meanwhile, back at the firestation...

Konrad, Lukas and Ben were checking out the fire trucks.

Then they rode to the parade staging area.

 Now they're situated on top of the hook and ladder truck...

...all four of them!

Watching the other parade participants go by, waiting for their turn to join the parade.

Now they get to wave at everyone and say hi!

I told Tom where I would try to be, and that I would wear a bright pink blouse.  Can you see me?

There we are!  Natalie and Dominik were very excited to see their brothers and Dad on the fire truck!

Here they are from our vantage point (not great lighting here...but I only got a few pictures because I wanted to make sure Natalie and Konrad saw them...not really necessary as I see the picture above that Tom took.)

We stuck around a little longer and enjoyed some of the other parade entries.

I was so happy about how Natalie and Konrad did, sitting nicely and waiting for the different floats and bands to go by...they did much better than I expected.  We'll have to go to a parade again!  And Tom and Lukas and Konrad and Ben has a really fun time riding on the fire truck, of course.  And then they went to ride the rides at the Strawberry's not Disneyland, but it's a lot cheaper!

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Sawyer said...

How fun! Looks like the kids had a blast on the truck.