Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Beginnings...and Endings

Today, Wednesday, is the LAST DAY OF HOMESCHOOL at our home!  We use several different curriculums, er, curricula, in our homeschool, and some are based on a different number of weeks...and some are for older grades than second grade, so we've been finishing up in the past two weeks, but today is the last day!

Yesterday started the summer session of music, so Konrad--yes, Konrad!--started recorder class for the first time.  He was excited to start, and I was excited to have him finally take a music class.  He did great and loved the class.  He's learning to play the notes B, A, and G on the recorder.

Then it was off to the "Olympics"...a day of fun and games at our homeschool co-op.  Here's Dominik running the bases.  What a great skill to teach a two-year old!

Natalie got to join us later (after her school was out) and enjoyed basketball.

She's quick to clap for herself!

Here it looks like Konrad is doing a slam dunk!

Then it was outside for food games!  Here are the youngest kids on the "eat the donut without touching it with your hands" game...notice that the "no hands" part is ignored.

I thought Dominik was done with one donut and I chased after Natalie and returned to find Dominik had consumed several other donuts!  The teenagers helping let him!

Lukas is ready for the next food game.  There he is with the bubble gum on his plate.

He had to find the bubble gum under the whipped cream, chew it, and blow a bubble.  He was a little too fastidious in finding it, and ended up adding whipped cream to his nose when he realized everyone else had more whipped cream on their faces!  Too funny!

Group shot.  Konrad is looking at me through a piece of grass.  He does this a lot...why?

We were waaaaaaay past Dominik's naptime, so I put him in the carseat (and Natalie too!) while Lukas and Konrad played the waterballoon toss and fight.

Grab some more water balloons!

 Konrad doesn't like to get the least bit wet (unless it's in the ocean or in a swimming pool), so here he's holding his shirt because he might have gotten a little wet from the water balloons.

Konrad is picking up water balloon pieces, and you can see he got a very tiny bit wet on his back.

Yeah!  School is over for Lukas and Konrad.  Natalie still has two more weeks :(  but we'll be sure to celebrate again with her!

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