Saturday, June 2, 2012

In which Tom has a momentous birthday and does fun stuff with his family

Today was Tom's birthday!  We all had fun planning for it...birthdays--even adult birthdays--are so much more fun when there are kids around.  I hadn't made cinnamon rolls in a while, so that was his birthday breakfast...and then he opened a few gifts.

I love this picture because of Tom's goofy cheer when he got this semi gag gift...and for Lukas' reaction to something when he doesn't even know what it is.  BTW, we did give him some nice gifts too.

 Then it was off to Chino Planes of Fame for a birthday outing.  I first went out to Planes of Fame on Tom's birthday 11 years ago, so it was fun to see how much it's changed since then.  And of course Lukas and Konrad have been there a few times already...but it was Dominik's first visit and he loved it!

Tom and the boys looking out from a waist gunner's position on a B-17 bomber that's being restored.

The boys always love the planes with teeth.

The SBD Dauntless, preflight.  The first Saturday of every month, they fly a plane, and this was the one we saw today.

 Dominik really got into seeing all the different planes.  Here's one in the junkyard...I just love his expression.

Stopping for a lunch break.

The SBD Dauntless, a Navy dive bomber used during WWII, taxiing to the runway.

Ok, Natalie and I were there too, and we enjoyed it a lot.  Here we're waiting for the Dauntless to take off.

There she is!

Then it was time for the drive home.  I gave the kids snacks, and here's what Dominik did with his fudge stripe cookies.  I think he was tired!

For dinner, we went to the new Wahoo's! in Orange.  You can tell it's new because there aren't many stickers on the walls yet.

We love Wahoos!

After dinner, we stopped for cupcakes at a place in Orange...but no candle for Tom today.  He provided his own candle by lighting up the AARP card that came in the mail today!
Happy Birthday Tom!  We had a lot of fun celebrating.  And you really do look young!

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