Friday, June 1, 2012

Recorder Recital and Other End of Year Happenings

Last night was Lukas' Spring Recorder Recital.  Tom and I were so happy to see how comfortable he was performing with a group.  Even his teacher commented on how relaxed he was.  AND this week at the homeschool co-op, he stood up BY HIMSELF in front of kids and parents to describe his artwork, at the art show.  I was astonished...he's never done that before, even when we've prepared and prepared for something similar, he's always refused at the last minute.  Of course I forgot my camera on the date when he does something so spectacular (the art show), but we remembered the camera for the recital, so here are some pictures and a video.

Lukas is growing up!  We're so proud of him!

Talking with his friends before the recital started.

During the performance.

Studying his notes (he often looks around a lot because he's playing by ear, but this time he looked at the music).

A little smile at the end of the song.

And here's a little video of them playing Amazing Grace.  Lukas saw me move closer to record this, so he kept looking at me instead of the music.  So cute!

We are almost done with homeschool!  We've already completed several subjects, and we should be completely done with everything next week!

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