Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Open House

We were so excited to attend Natalie's Open House tonight.  Her classroom has undergone a transformation since spring break, and we know she's been working hard in class to prepare for it.  Here are a few of her writing samples.  Aren't they great?

Natalie especially liked the spinning butterflies on this table.

Natalie's teacher is the Martha Stewart of Kindergarten room decorating.  Lots of beautiful details!

Natalie reading her tiger story.

Here Natalie is pointing out her number skills.

Pictures of Natalie and her class on a field trip.

There's Natalie and her aide, Dayna.  Dayna has worked so hard with Natalie on her writing, and it shows!

Another view of the beautiful room.

Natalie showing off her dress to her teacher, Mrs. I.
What a beautiful celebration of a great school year!  Only three weeks of school left for Natalie!

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