Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer is for swimming

Two weeks: swim lessons every day.  Close to home...can't beat that!

Lukas suggested a race while we waited for their first class to start.  Dominik was quite upset about leaving the house NOT wearing his swim trunks...he wants to do everything his brothers are doing.  I still need to find swimming lessons for Natalie...she needs private lessons and before we go back to the place we went three years ago, I'd like to find someplace closer and better.  Anyone with local suggestions, please let me know!

Lukas doing dunks on the first day.  He's in the level 2 class, which he thinks means intermediate, but it just means he is fairly comfortable in the water.  He doesn't have the opportunity to swim much, so he forgets a lot in between swim lessons.  :(  We hope he remembers more this summer since there will be several opportunities to swim.

This was Konrad's first swimming lesson ever.  It's so fun to see him learning and enjoying himself.

And in between waiting with Natalie and Dominik during Lukas and Konrad's swim lessons (their lessons are at the same time! score!) and watching Dominik get muddy in sprinkler water, I got a call from Natalie's principal, who gave me the name of Natalie's first grade teacher for next year.  I don't know the teacher, but the principal feels she will be a good fit for Natalie.  Exciting stuff!

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