Monday, June 25, 2012

The Aboretum of Los Angeles County

We had such a fun family outing at the LA Arboretum.  Tom has been there many times, but I think I've only been there once, 15 or more years ago (even though I lived about a mile away for several years), so I really remembered nothing about it.  Except there are a lot of cool plant species, and a lot of peacocks.

The peacocks at the Arboretum are much more tame than the peacocks at Irvine Park.   We could get very close to these peacocks...I think people probably feed them.

We went on the Australian Serpent Trail, which finishes as a huge snake head.  Cool mosaic designs in the trail.

Beautiful views of the Arboretum.  It's very nicely taken care of.  I saw many plant species that I haven't seen before, and some Tom and I recognized from our honeymoon in Hawaii.

Our friend, Al, drove the tram and gave a great tour...I'm smiling because we're riding and I'm not pushing a stroller or cajoling kids to keep walking.  After the tram ride, we had a very late (for us) lunch.

And we still walked a little more after was well into afternoon nap time, so you can imagine that this is quite unusual for us.  Here are the boys checking out the carp in the lagoon.  I was very nervous about Dominik "falling" in, but it didn't happen!

The lagoon was the location for the "Fantasy Island" television series of the 70s and 80s.  

Since we had such a late lunch, and a large one at that, I suggested we have ice cream sundaes as our  dinner.  Shockingly, no one objected!

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