Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Fort Night

Ever since I built the fort the boys have talked about sleeping in it overnight (I think that I am guilty of planting the idea).  Well, after many requests we finally slept in sleeping bags for an entire night.   Neither of the boys complained and other than a few bug bites they were very well rested in the morning.  Now on the other hand I slept OK but I was a little bit cramped.  I spent a lot of time planning and building the fort, and I considered many things such as safety and function.  I failed to include a Murphy Bed or some other sleeping surface for an adult to sleep on. 

Now that they have proven that they can do it, I might just let the boys sleep in it by themselves the next time they want to spend the night outside in the backyard.

The sun has set and it is starting to get dark.
Konrad is out and Lukas is not far behind.

Yes, I read one whole page.


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