Saturday, June 23, 2012

Adventure Playground I

I titled this "Adventure Playground I" because I am optimistic that we will go back to Adventure Playground again this summer.  After all, I actually remembered to check the opening of it, and wrote down its opening and closing weeks (it always seems to close earlier than what I consider the end of the summer).  So we took advantage of Tom's Friday off (so he could stay home with the younger kids) and Lukas and I headed off to meet Jen, Court, Kendall and Carson for a day of adventure.  It was the first week of opening, and apparently the day camps haven't started yet, because it was pleasantly attended, but not crazy with large groups of kids arriving suddenly.

I noticed how much bigger and stronger Lukas is this year:  he was able to get a tire in the fort by himself.  This year, Lukas also brought Tom's large magnet along to drag and find old nails in the ground.  Each child can check out a hammer and 3 nails.  If they want more nails, they have to bring 2 old nails to get 1 new nail.  The magnet (Lukas' idea!) made finding old nails sooooo easy. 
 "We are rich with nails," says Lukas.

Such a team-building opportunity!  It makes my heart sing to see kids working together to do something fun.   Lukas is pounding on the fort and Kendall is bringing wood.

More problem solving with Court and Lukas.

Kendall and Lukas on the raft.

Lukas falls off the raft on purpose a lot.  The lagoon is not meant for swimming, but he seems to have more fun if he is completely wet.

Lukas and Court on the raft, with Kendall and Carson in the background next to the rope bridge.

Lukas at the bottom of the mud slide.

Lukas is not swimming, just sitting there enjoying the mud.

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